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When I was in first grade at Eastern Elementary School in Scott County, Kentucky, my teacher, Mrs. Adams, taught me a lifelong lesson. She briefly left the classroom and informed our class to stay in their seats, working on assignments. I seized this moment to take the stage.

I quickly jumped in my chair and began to make noises and crazy faces, which drew enormous laughter from the crowd. I was an instant comedian; it was short-lived. Mrs. Adams had quietly walked back into the classroom and witnessed my entire monologue for the class.

Needless to say there were consequences. I was promptly marched to the principal’s office where discipline in those years was a paddle placed on the seat of your pants. When I arrived home with a note about the “incident” my parents also added their own reinforcement. Let’s just say I was not sitting down for a while.

Where in the world did I get this idea of jumping up and performing for my class? I had watched another kid do it once; I copied him. He got plenty of attention and no one caught him. I thought, I could do that too.

Bad behavior is something people learn to copy early in life. Good behavior can also be copied. In life, a situation may require extraordinary faith; we may need to be heroic. Journey is in a series titled, Heroes. Last weekend was Easter and Jesus was the headliner and Main Event. He is the ultimate Hero and deserves our everyday worship. Be like Jesus. Do what Jesus did. Say what Jesus said.

Week two we are introducing another Bible character, Esther, a lady who stepped up her game and became heroic for God. You can also. You can be a good copycat!

Join us in one of the weekend services. INVITE someone back who came for Easter worship. Or bring a new person who is curious about a church where they give-away cars. Over $900 in the Tide Jug last Sunday for “Kenny.” Our total in three weekends is over $2,000. Our donor is matching every dollar. That’s over $4,000 for “Car for Kenny.” Wow… I Love My Church!

When people arrive at the Journey front door help guide them through a morning experience that will make people talk and go Wow! Go God… Go Journey.


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