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I confess, my skills and patience with any type of repair work are quite limited. Some repairs are worse than others. Keep me away from any type of plumbing. My wife will share numerous plumbing disasters. If water and pipes are involved I am not your first call for help. It may be true of people in general; we feel fairly bulletproof to try anything once, until something breaks, leaks, or flies apart in a million pieces. Especially when lots of money is lost, our Superman cape begins to unravel and tear. Can I get an Amen? This weekend at Journey worship we share part 3 in the series HEROES. This lesson is another opportunity for regular people like each of us to learn heroic actions. Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t get a break? Has your family let you down or your job just not been what you imagined? Is your marriage weak and unhealthy leaving you disappointed? Life has a lot of moving parts. This weekend I will share the Bible story of Joseph and his struggles and challenges in life. It is a very relevant lesson that I am certain can inspire us all to stay in the game. No one is Superman but we can all be heroic. There are some things in life only God can do. He may be ready to do those things in your life also. INVITE someone to join YOU at Journey weekend. Try Saturday @ 6pm if you have a difficult time jumping out of bed on Sunday. If you are a morning spirit our coffee bar awaits you and your arriving guest Sunday @ 10:30am. Journey will do almost anything to make your day better tomorrow than it was today. Share that INVITE with someone who may not know. Tell them you don’t have to be Superman to hang out at Journey. God is for everybody! BobbyD

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