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I learn something new almost everyday regarding modern technology. I am a novice and often seek help from anyone younger in the room. I am pretty easy to impress. I think it is cool; my IPhone feature is able to take a picture of anything you are viewing, simply by pushing two buttons at once. A smart phone is no longer a device that makes phone calls only. Taking pictures and videos has become routine for every user. It’s nice sorting through a myriad of pictures later, opting to delete or keep them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had this feature in our brain? Sometimes when harsh words are spoken or unkind actions take place we may need a delete button. This weekend our Journey worship series continues, titled Heroes. We’ll share relevant and helpful thoughts for making the most of life’s opportunities. Are you a person who is willing to take risks? This week our Bible story surrounds the life of Nehemiah, a man who took great risks for God. His life is characterized as an extra-ordinary leader for God’s family in the Old Testament. Here’s a question to consider? People who know you well, would they say you lead an ordinary life? If you took one picture today as a screen shot to represent your real life with God, what would it be? Nehemiah is heroic in the face of extreme opposition. Some damaging things were spoken about him that Nehemiah had to block out; negative, unfair criticism was deleted. How can a person do that more effectively? Join us this weekend and INVITE a new Journey arriver. Help them feel welcome and right at home in the Journey family. We’ll discuss making our screenshot the most positive one possible. Go God… He is bigger than our problems. Join in THIS WEEKEND as we share more insight for living an UN-ordinary, heroic life as a follower of Jesus. ​ BobbyD

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