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Be the Church FOR the City


Almost eight years ago Journey Church was only an idea in the mind of God. Now, years later, we have established our unique footprint in the community. When we first began sharing, “We would do almost anything to make someone’s day better tomorrow than it was today,” no one could imagine what that would really look like lived out. Now we know. People Matter Most. This weekend at Journey we push the pause button in our current series, GOD DID WHAT? For one weekend each year we share our annual Be The Church services. I will have a brief message to challenge every Journey person to do something! Our worship team will have music to support our worship focus and service. We also include communion and offering times as usual. If you are new at Journey come and join the excitement. This will be a service designed to explain more of the WHY we do what we do every day. It is also a moment you can sign on immediately as a volunteer for an hour; an easy act of kindness in the community right after the service. Others may want to stick around after the service, train, organize with a team and volunteer for an extended project into the community that carries over to the following weekend or beyond. You can get more details about these opportunities to volunteer by calling the office. 859.235.8449. Just Ask for Susan or Sheila. Or you can wait and arrive this weekend in one of our services. We will be sharing more info on how to be an INSTANT volunteer at Journey. I am really excited as we ONCE AGAIN make people go…. WOW God! BobbyD P.S. - If you wonder, yes, I will return to the current worship series for three more weekends. You won’t miss a thing. You Journey volunteers rock!

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