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Feet Out the Window

Welcome to summer 2015. With temperatures in the low nineties, high humidity and plenty of sunshine it finally feels like summer. What a great week to get things started. Yard sales are on every street, public schools are out for summer, kids are already delivered to grandparents, and summer vacations are ensuing. Let the good times roll.

Whether you are in town this weekend or not include Journey in your thoughts. Summer is also a great time to meet new people arriving at our front door. If you are away for a couple weeks pray for the Journey team to make a great first impression as a different kind of Church on purpose.

I truly believe we are becoming the kind of Church where unchurched people love to come. When first timers arrive they all repeat this statement: “It felt like a place I could belong.” You who are in our Journey weekend and serve on teams and small groups are our first responders. Thank you for making a “magic moment” for someone as they arrive.

This weekend we return to our summer series, GOD DID WHAT? We’ll share great music and helpful message from the Bible; also that personal moment at communion is a time for all of us to remember the Cross. It helps us understand grace in a way nothing else can.

When we lift Jesus, people are drawn to Him. It is how it works. We had a baptism on Tuesday afternoon at 5pm. Now two more are planning to make their decision public this Sunday. It’s how it works.

If you are in town this weekend we’ll see you at the front door. Come excited and engaged as Jesus changes things. Invite a guest to be the next to arrive at a different kind of place.

Check out a yard sale, visit a pool, grill a burger, grab some food and laughter. Just include some worship at Journey if you can. It will make a great weekend memory. Go God.


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