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Go Daddy


GoDaddy is a publicly traded internet domain registrar and web hosting company. The company is known for its celebrity spokespeople and Super Bowl ads. It also sponsors NASCAR and sells e-business related software services.

Bob Parsons, GoDaddy founder, states “In 1999, a group of employees were brainstorming” a name change for the original company. “Someone said, how about Big Daddy?” That name had already been purchased. Someone else said, “How about GoDaddy?” Parsons said, The company name stuck because it made people smile

and remember it.”

This weekend is Father’s Day and many people will reconnect with cards, meals, and phone calls for Dad. At Journey we try to always be relevant and helpful. We are aware every person’s family of origin story may be a little different. We want to always be sensitive to whatever your family experience has been. We pray for you each week and plan a worship setting where God will bless everyone.

Some people who will be arriving at Journey worship this weekend have enjoyed the regular blessing of a loving and wholesome Father figure in their life. Others who are in the Journey audience will not have the same types of memories. Whichever describes your life experience, Journey worship on Father’s Day is a great place to belong.

Our current summer series, GOD DID WHAT? let’s me unpack and share another helpful message from the Bible. Here’s the sermon teaser even before you arrive: GOD HAS STRONG FEELINGS FOR YOU!

I hope you can include one of our Journey weekend worship services in your Father’s Day agenda. I promise, you are going to walk away smiling and with something that sticks all week. Trust me, you’ll be thinking: Go God!


P.S -

Last weekend we shared 5 baptisms. Let me know if you are ready to discuss your own public decision. Invite someone to join us and check out what God has been doing with all of us. This place makes people smile!

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