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Fish Tale

Bonding with Fish

What’s your biggest fish story? Everybody can likely relate to a story of someone catching a fish that grew into a “whopper” over time. And it’s not just fish; famous people have been caught in a moment of self-glory, stretching the truth. The new norm really, is not new; stretching the truth or slightly embellishing truth begins early in childhood.

In the Bible is a fish tale so large it is nearly unbelievable. If you had never read the Bible seriously your first thought when hearing this story might be: Wow, God is surely stretching the truth! This weekend we finish our summer series, God did WHAT?, by looking once at the story of Jonah and the Big fish.

It’s really not so much a fish story as much as it is a people story; our story. The fish is just background in the real story God wants to share: How far God will go to relate to each of us.

If you have been traveling or away on summer vacation I look forward to catching up with you again. This might be a great time to invite a summer guest to come and share in our last segment in the series. It promises to be a lot of fun.

Just imagine fishing polls dangling from the side of your boat; suddenly a fish appears out of the water big enough to swallow you and your boat. I’m not making this stuff up. God can do anything. He will do almost anything to show He loves people like you and me.

Making the invite is your job. God will do the rest.


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