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Most everyone is familiar with weather alerts. We have grown accustomed to hearing or seeing severe weather statements online or on the local TV channels as ominous clouds gather. When every minute counts and every detail is critical how does anyone find a solution? How do we prepare? How can we turn chaos into order?

Jesus started a Church that was radical and revolutionary for many traditional God followers. It created quite a storm of controversy in religious circles of Jewish heritage. His message and new Church shook up status quo Church. Jesus offered salvation for everyone. People asked, “Can He do that?” He called this message Good News and then commissioned His followers to share His story everywhere.

This new Church of Jesus followers literally changed the world. This weekend we begin a brand new summer series titled , VITAL CHURCH. For the next four weekends we’ll identify some of the essential points in The Book of Acts, which became the instruction manual for Simple Church, Vital Church, and modern Church.

The simple message, which said, “Jesus is for everybody,” rapidly spread. It took off in every direction in the early century Church. In spite of persecution it only spread that much faster. It is still the revolutionary message that is changing our world today; Jesus is still trending.

One final thought. Jesus' mission on earth has never been “easy button” church. It is high expectation church that Jesus is calling His followers to join. ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? That’s the question we’ll begin with this weekend.

Consider bringing a new arriver to Journey and help them get started. It might be the best investment of your time you ever spend; being a spiritual guide for another human being. A real disciple makes a disciple.

Happy 4th of July.


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