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Letting it Out


By the time we reach adulthood most people have somewhat mastered restraint of the outward expressions of their negative emotions; or we probably should. In order to keep a job, our standing in the family, and our parking place, we practice the art of controlling our ugly emotions. Fearing we could be misunderstood, labeled negatively, or outsourced to another planet, we often develop the habit of holding many feelings close to the vest.

In contrast, as kids we didn’t care so much what others thought. For instance, if we fell out of a tree and skinned the hide off our knees, everyone for miles around soon knew all about it. They could hear our screams. As adults we had to learn to be more subtle with mistakes.

This adult change in behavior and decision to keep certain things hidden from others could become something of a trap. Sometimes we may hide secrets too well. The Bible encourages us to seek mercy, not a better hiding place.

“People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.” Proverbs 28:13 NLT

Sometimes secrets are guarded deep inside at all costs; chronic pain and despair may evolve into a lifetime of sickness as a result. We want to help people become better. How? By letting things out! Trusting Jesus; coming clean. People need Jesus in order to get well. Nothing else will work. This is VITAL to know.

Join us this weekend for lesson #2, VITAL CHURCH series. Here’s the teaser. The best seats are not all taken; Jesus family has a front row seat just for you.

If you are in town this weekend join us. Bring another new arriver to check things out at Journey. I promise they will leave here saying, “Journey is the kind of place they could belong.”


P.S - Hey, this weekend is also our Journey 8th year birthday. Grab a piece of cake at the coffee bar and help us celebrate.

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