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All the news in Kentucky for nearly two weeks has been our weather. Most of the state had storm after storm dropping rain by the buckets. The wind has been especially destructive on many trees. Yards and farms have entire trees down or limbs broken.

It has been nearly impossible to keep the grass mowed. Water has been standing on the ground for days in most instances. I mowed about two thirds of my yard last weekend in between rains. In some places the mower was making mud tracks through the mess.

As the week progressed and news of severe flooding in rural, Southern areas of the state made my complaints of constant rain less appropriate. News has reported several deaths and several people missing as the result of flash flooding. The video of destruction in small communities is devastating.

My perspective of too much rain has been adjusted. Isn’t that the way life happens for all of us? Our view of life is often reshaped with new perspective when seeing others with greater challenges. As they say, “I thought I was bad off for having no shoes, until I met a met a man who had no feet!”

This weekend at Journey we share lesson #3 from the series, VITAL CHURCH. If you are having a particularly bad time in life, this lesson may bring renewed hope. It is not over. God can do anything. When you arrive ready to listen to even a few words from God and His Truth in the Bible, I guarantee, it will help with perspective.

If you have been traveling and away on vacation I am looking forward to hearing about the smiles and great times you shared. Meet me near the coffee bar; let’s find out what you’ve been doing for fun this summer! God is good.

Thanks for building Journey into your schedule and planning for the weekend. Invite a new arriver to join us. Take them on a guided tour; sit with them and share how Jesus is changing your perspective about life!


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