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Long Distance

A lot of people at Journey have been wrapping up summer vacations. School is now only a few weeks away. Buses will begin rolling and schools will open their door to students. College dorms will prepare for new and returning students on campuses. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your fun pics and smiles on social media. What a terrific way to build new family memories.

Summer vacations can be just the right change of pace everyone needs. Most agree it just goes way too fast. And another truth about summer vacation, the drive home seems forever. That road we traveled the opposite direction, leaving home, going on vacation was filled with surprise. Coming back that same stretch of highway is often filled with dread and regret that it is over until next summer.

This weekend is the final lesson from our summer worship series, VITAL CHURCH. We have been sharing (Book of Acts) key, vital lessons in the early Church, important in modern Church today. If you are back in town and settling into your after summer routine, consider joining us for this last outline in the series.

A spoiler alert shared earlier this week, I have a guest speaker, one of our Journey family Bible College students who will be sharing part of this lesson with me. He is really pumped and excited to share what God has been accomplishing in his life the last few weeks.

The big idea this weekend that is VITAL: When we become a Jesus follower it feels something like heading off for summer vacation; very exciting at the start, but can begin to feel like a long drive home over the weeks, months and years ahead. God wants us not only to start strong, but also to finish strong.

This weekend we’ll share a few thoughts on how to sustain the enthusiasm for the long distance journey called life. Make an INVITE to someone to join you this weekend. Show them around your Journey family. It might be the start of a new habit for someone.


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