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Depression, Anxiety, and Grace

I was speaking to a long time ministry friend recently, when he candidly asked, “What do you do about your doubts and depression?” One of the best-kept secrets today is number of seemingly healthy people affected by periods of intense discouragement.

One study suggests, “As many as 80% of those who enter the ministry leave it within five years.” This is not the career you imagined if you want people to always like you and your decisions. Only 23% of pastors say they feel happy and content on a regular basis with who they are in Christ, in their church, and in their home.”

While committed to helping others, Pastors can often feel isolated and alone in their own journey through life. Whatever career path, marital status, or health issues, those who discover or re-discover grace in periods of darkness can find hope once again.

As someone said, “Afflicted does not mean ineffective; Damaged does not mean done.” A personal crisis may lead to an opportunity of something much better and good. Depression and anxiety may help us lean in; drawing closer to Jesus who offers grace in times of trouble.

This weekend we are launching a four-week series, MARGIN. Life can be more complicated than ever. Sometimes it feels as though the only way to keep up with life demands is to run at “full throttle.” This pressure to do more, be at more places, accomplish more can be unhealthy and lead to feelings of despair and depression, as noted above.

I hope you can block some time and join us for this entire series. If you are already booked on Sunday morning try our Journey Saturday @6pm service. It is the identical service as Sunday with message and music, just smaller audience. INVITE a Journey guest and new arriver to join you. I think everyone will relate; even myself as your Pastor.

What is a better solution? Why do I feel so run down? How might we find some relief and a little grace now and then? Join us for the series MARGIN beginning this weekend. God can do anything.

Bobby D

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