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I am dated; I realize I am. I have a grandson entering high school this year. How can that be? My wife, Connie, and I feel the same as always; ok, for the most part. We’re active and try to stay healthy, eating balanced diets. But the weird thing nothing around us stays the same.

Cars change, children/grandchildren change, travel changes, jobs change, (maybe the most recognizable) smart devices for entertainment change. Our phone is no longer a phone. It is a small handheld computer. Do you know anyone who likes to download apps of their favorite games to their phone? Almost everybody does.

I admit not even trying to keep up with video gaming and apps on smart phones or connective devices. Connie has done a better job. Early on, she handed her iPhone to the grandkids with the first versions of Angry Birds. They all competed, like a game of checkers at Cracker Barrel.

What I do remember though was having fun with arcade style games like “Pacman” at pizza eatery places all over America in the 80’s. Drop your quarter in the front of the big boxy arcade game and guide that little gobble gobble “Pacman” around the square maze before the ghost grabbed him. I told you I was dated.

This weekend is part two in the brand new 4- week series, Margin. If you missed the introduction last weekend, maybe you want to check it on the Journey website podcast. This may be the most talked about series we’ve shared this year.

I had a discussion with my dad this week. We both were laughing about the AT& T cell phone outage that caused an uproar in Kentucky and Tennessee this week. People were frantic and a bit concerned there was no phone service available for several hours. My dad reminded me when he was a boy there were no phone land-lines for most residents. The only phone for several miles was at a neighboring country store where he grew up. What did people do before phones?

Technology and progressive ideas have made some things easier but not everything. More stuff has not really translated into more time. As we shared last weekend, when our MARGINS shrink our stress rises. Modern progress, contrary to our expectations, can be like ‘Pacman, it incessantly eats up MARGIN.”

If your life seems to be running on a razor thin line of MARGIN lately, this series may offer some helpful support. Try us out either Journey Saturday at 6pm or Sunday at 10:30am. Bring a Journey guest. This is the series they will talk about for weeks to come.

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