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I still remember a look of horror on the face of a young parent trying to coax their adorable toddler out of the play area at Chick-fil-A. I actually heard the toddler before I saw her. She was growing louder by the second complaining about putting shoes back on. Bowing her neck, then stretching out on the floor this small little bundle of emotions was stronger than an ox.

It did not go well for the mom. Suddenly the toddler let go with her best outside voice. Her, “I’m-unhappy-with-mom” scream got the expected attention from everyone. And then it was over just as quick as it had started; the toddler surrendered and collapsed into submission.

Mom swiftly wrapped both arms around the extremely tired and spent little girl. In a flash everything in the restaurant was back to normal. Very early in life, a human flaw is revealed. We can fail to recognize we’re at the end of our rope, until it’s too late. Meltdown doesn’t end after kindergarten.

This weekend is lesson #3 in our series. MARGIN. We are discovering that all of us have a tendency to overload a bit. We usually are unaware of our overload until it’s too late. The result can be an unhappy experience like the toddler in my story above.

Here’s a quote to think about before arriving this weekend at Journey. “Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Make sure to build in some scheduling margin with your weekend plans. Lesson #3 will guide our thoughts around building some extra financial margin. There really are some very practical and relevant guidelines in the Bible for growing, keeping, and sharing our wealth. As Andy Stanley wrote, “It’s not what you have; it’s what you do with what you have.”

Bring another new arriver to our Journey weekend services. They will thank you for it later. I promise you, this is the best thing you and a friend could do with part of your weekend plans.

After several years in our current location, I still discover many people are surprised we have a Saturday night service. If you are already double-booked for Sunday give our Saturday service a try. They are both identical, just smaller in size.

This may be one of the best kept Journey secrets: Journey Saturday@6pm., Journey Sunday@10:30pm.

See you this weekend at Journey. Tell me about your first week of school in session. I have been praying for parents, families, and teachers all week.


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