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Too Close

All of us, probably early on in life, realized certain things we might become pretty good at doing. For whatever reason maybe people quickly noticed you had an aptitude toward music or math? Your natural ability may have driven you later in life to choose a profession.

There were a lot of things growing up, which I clearly was not very good at doing, ever! One thing though, which seemed natural for me was driving anything with wheels. Maybe it is a guy thing; I just remember my brother and I getting pedal cars one Christmas. That was all it took.

I was forever hooked on cars and anything with an engine and wheels that go round. I have driven all types of vehicles from hot rods, tractors, military vehicles, to a family suburban. I have always prided myself in being a capable driver in about every situation. As the Bible says, “Pride… goes before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18 NIV

A few weeks ago my ego was bruised along with my plastic front bumper. I was attempting to park in a very small space with little room to maneuver in any direction. I had safely parked other times in similar situations, why not again.

Looking back it was poor judgment on my part. I was in big hurry and unwisely trying to squeeze into the tight spot with bad angles. I nudged the rear quarter panel of the car beside me with the corner of my bumper. For a brief second I was in denial. I had seen the car next to me move but I couldn’t imagine I had really bumped it. Panic stricken I jumped out to survey the damage.

Luckily it was just a swipe of paint against paint. I had gotten so close I rubbed some of the paint off my bumper. No dents, but an obvious injury that would need to be buffed out with a rag. My heart raced and throat had dropped to my stomach; I had gotten too close. I was relieved it wasn’t more than a little smudge of dirt and paint.

Research suggests the area we most often stumble over, on accident, is one in which we have great confidence in our ability. Confidence is essential to achieve goals and reach our potential. Over-confidence can result in costly mistakes.

This weekend is the final lesson in our series, MARGIN. Along with scheduling margin, financial margin, we conclude with moral margin. No one ever imagines it could happen to him or her. But just like earlier lessons, we get dangerously close, too close, to trouble before we realize it.

Plan to join us in one of our exciting Journey weekend services. Several baptisms are scheduled. The weather is going to be great. New people and returning Journey family are inviting guests. This promises to be the most talked about series we have presented all year.

Bobby D.

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