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The headlines today read: “TV killer lingered 2 years before revenge executions.” The shooter yesterday in Virginia stalked his former coworkers and then videoed his murdering them; it was evil at work.

Almost every day there is some kind of tragic headline news; senseless killings, bomb attacks against innocent bystanders; shark attacks at the beach, or planes disappearing over the ocean. Even natural disasters like wild fires threatening homes and sinkholes swallowing cars cause everyone to sleep with one eye open and on alert.

Since 9-11 everyone in the world has felt less secure. It causes tension and apprehension even in schools and churches; no one feels safe. Fear can paralyze us all. Even, everyday sort of things like the sluggish economy and less money for living expenses creates anxiety for working families. Living with fear is no way to live. So what’s the answer?

This weekend we are launching a brand new series, Greater than. For 5 weeks we’ll take a look at how our perspective changes, knowing God is with us, whatever we’re going through. When dark clouds and storms turn our sky gray, pull back the curtain; God is greater than anything you may be facing.

This weekend, part one of the series takes a look at how trusting God pushes back our fearfulness. Everyone is searching for a bit of security in an often-frightening world. Growing our faith in God produces the anti-dote needed to neutralize our fear.

Faith says I may have to live alone, or walk alone, but I am not lonely because God is my security. God is my companion when I feel alone. Faith says you may take my house, car, and job, but God provided them in the first place. Just as He provided them once, He can do it again. Faith wins over fear.

I just walked by the TV monitor in the foyer at Journey. KLOVE music is playing and David Crowder is singing, “I Am holding on to you.” Keep that thought the rest of the week. It will change your perspective.

Hope to see you in the growing Journey audience this weekend. Keep inviting guests to join you in one of our services. I promise you, they will thank you for it later.

Bobby D

God can do anything…

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