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Wincing a bit

She flew out of the bed, like shot from a cannon. Have you ever had one of those leg cramps? Connie dived for the floor in the dark, saying she had a “Charlie horse.” It hurts like the dickens and what a terrible way to be awakened.

Who hasn’t suffered through a momentary injury? Maybe we smashed our thumb with a hammer or closed a finger in the drawer? Can you say, ouch! You and I have been hurt. We all have.

It could have been self-inflicted or other-inflicted. In either case we all know; hurt happens. We’ve felt it and experienced it. No one gets out of this life pain free. It’s the deal we get living in a world with risks. The Good News is healing is possible.

This weekend is part 2 in our series, Greater Than. We take a look at Psalm 55 as David shares raw emotions in the step-by-step recovery process from personal failure. With God’s gracious help his wound is healed. My guess is this lesson will be relevant for us all. We’ve likely had some fairly recent physical, emotional, or relational injury that brought us to our knees in gripping pain.

Like Connie needing to walk off her early morning muscle cramp the Bible guides us through a process of smoothing out some of life’s most painful experiences. People who follow Jesus get dinged up a bit also; were not invincible. It can be like grocery carts loose in the parking lot. When a runaway cart slams into your car door that is going to leave a mark.

Join us this Labor Day weekend in either of our services. INVITE a friend to come and take a look at what happens inside a place like this next to Auto Zone. Let them know we really get it; hurt happens; but healing is possible. God is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.

If you are with family and friends traveling be safe and refreshed. We’ll see you next weekend. God is good.

P.S. - I hear drinking more water helps leg cramps.


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