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Can you imagine how the explorer Christopher Columbus must have felt? He didn’t know where he was going? When He got there, he didn’t know where he was? And when he got back, he didn’t know where he had been? Poor fellow.

My daughter, after beginning a new job, once told me “Dad, everybody hates first days.” I have never forgotten how true that little nugget of insight can be. It is true in almost every situation. No one likes first days at a new office, new school, new doctor, and even new church. Like Columbus, we are not certain what surprises might be lurking just over the horizon. No one likes unpleasant surprises.

In a culture that prides itself on knowledge, understanding and nearly instant information, not knowing and feeling confused is a bit unsettling. The truth is most everyone has questions. This weekend we continue our series Greater Than… part 3, Greater Than My Confusion, taking a fresh look look at Psalm 71 in the Bible.

Why is God silent sometimes? Why does it appear that God allows suffering to continue? These kind of questions caused confusion even for David in the Bible. As you begin to navigate your way through the Bible you find other people having questions too. Is there an Answer? What’s the definitive Answer?

Join us in one of our weekend services as we reveal some relevant, helpful, and practical insight found in the Bible. If you have a hard time getting your crew up on Sunday mornings try our Journey Saturday@6pm. If you are an early riser and enjoy the smell of coffee at the Journey coffee bar our Sunday@10:30am service has you in mind.

Bring a new Journey guest or returning guest and help them find their way around this place. Imagine new people feeling something like Christopher Columbus. Not knowing where anything is or what comes next. Your smallest gesture to help a friend will certainly make for smooth sailing in their Journey worship experience.

Don’t forget the JOURNEY FUN ON THE FARM PICNIC this Sunday, 4-7pm. The weekend weather sounds perfect for the farm. Cooler temps and sunshine. This is a great chance to meet all your new and growing Journey family. This is a great way to enjoy good food, fun and share conversations. Bring a friend. There is sure to be plenty of food to go around. Call the church office if you need details or directions to the farm. See you there!

Journey is a cool place where people love to go…


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