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A Bad Day can lead to a Better Future

I just read an article in Linkedin by Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan & Chase Co. , “To Tackle America’s Challenges, Follow Detroit’s Lead.” Dixon said, “I have traveled to Detroit on business for more than 25 years, and the signs of the city’s recovery are becoming apparent.”

The author goes to describe the city of Detroit exiting bankruptcy and reducing the overall blight of a major city in America. Dimon and his company have committed $100 million to help bolster the city’s continued recovery. He credits collaborative efforts by businesses and politicians, putting aside partisanship to spur growth and create new jobs.

It is encouraging to hear Detroit is being resurrected from scandal and decades of citywide failure. Our own personal lives have brief or extended periods of failure and discouragement. Who hasn’t at one time felt like new opportunities had passed us by and our future happiness was being boarded up each day? The discourage-ment of dreams that die or people who betray us can leave a deep hole and lots of questions.

This weekend continues our Journey worship series, Greater Than, taken from some of the events in David’s life written in Psalms. Clearly, things happen to all of us which leave us feeling disappointed. Maybe for you it was the job you never got, the marriage that never improved, the wayward child who never came home? Whatever it was it can leave us all scratching our heads, wondering where is God?

Join us this weekend in one of our Journey services, Saturday @6pm or Sunday @10:30am as we explore a few thoughts that may help you reconsider the future. God can do anything and everything as Job writes in the Bible (1:1-2). A bad day really can lead to a better future when God is involved.

Invite a friend or guest to join us this weekend. Meet them at the front door and help show them around. Let them know how you came to Journey and why you have stayed? It may be very helpful insight for them also.


P.S - Don’t forget the Journey Cruise-In Sunday, 1-5 pm. Cars will be parked out next to the highway where our Journey trailer is parked. Drop by and check things out. Proceeds go to help build another home in our community.

If you missed our picnic last weekend check out some of the pics on our Journey Flickr. www.flickr.com/journeychurchcynthiana

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