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This weekend we wrap up our current series Greater Than. For over a month we have been sharing practical and relevant ways God is greater than any circumstance in life. The first weekend we began by saying, Faith eats fear for lunch. Clearly, it is not an automatic thing just because we follow Jesus. Still, when our faith grows though any challenge of life it can be a magical moment to see God outcome for the better.

The flip side of faith, no one is invincible and Hurt happens; yet healing is possible. When God is writing our life story there is always hope that good things will once again reappear. That was the lesson for that second week. The next week we looked at this thought: Wisdom beats a flash of genius. More than adding upgrades with new apps and more data, we all need God’s wisdom to make better life choices. We gain wisdom by regular reading of the Bible and sharing in small group settings with mature Jesus-followers.

Last weekend in lesson four, the big idea: Even a bad moment, can become a better moment, eventually. God can do anything; He is greater than our present or even extended disappointment. We can learn to give God a little credit because He is growing our holiness.

This weekend as we finish our series from Psalms our thought to take away: Size matters, God is big and you are small. Getting our egos in check and realizing where real power comes from will go a long way in all our adventures of adulthood. For most of us this battle of the will starts very early in life. Lifelong success is not as much about making a bigger impact, as having a smaller importance. You’ll have to come this weekend and get the full story.

Invite a guest to come and take a Journey with you. Meet them at the front door and show them around this place. It may start or restart their very own Jesus story. Being a disciple, a Jesus follower is a decision. Make a decision to join us and help someone else do the same.

See you at Journey weekend in one of our services. Check out the pics on the screens inside of the Journey Cruise In last weekend. You guys know how to have fun!


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