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"It's not over"

I’ll bet you can finish the line even if you’re not a sports fan. “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Texas Tech sports information director Ralph Carpenter is credited with being the first to use the line. It was printed in the Dallas Morning News on 10 March 1976. It is a reference to a very close football game that was still in doubt with two teams tied, 72-72 late in the SWC tournament finals.

The phrase, coined by Carpenter was a stereotype of overweight sopranos of the opera, “The opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” This weekend we begin a new four-week series taken from James, titled, It’s Not Over.

When we were just kids’ time seemed to drag slowly each day. Now as adults our life is lived in the fast lane. In this series, like a competitive sporting event being played out, down to the wire, we’ll consider how foolish it would be to presume to know the outcome of each event that is still in progress in our personal life.

Nothing that has happened is totally irreversible from God’s viewpoint. When God becomes involved in our daily affairs anything is possible; God can do anything. Ephesians 3:20 MSG. Seriously, give God a chance to do something new and different. We all can use a “do-over” nearly every week.

One last time, if you’re like me, having lost a little bit of the steam in your every-day walk around life this week, I need a series that will move the needle a bit. I promise these lessons will be practical, relevant and certain to help. The least we will do is make you smile a bit. It’s not going to be like taking the worst tasting medicine in the world; Scouts honor.

Are you in? How about it, feeling the blah’s? A little sluggish lately; come on, don’t lose hope. As Yogi Bear would say, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Bring a Journey guest or just come yourself. You’ll feel better about things, I promise. We’re going to begin this weekend with practical ways to “Live In the Moment.”



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