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Staying sharp

Who remembers the infomercials, which marketed Ginsu Knives? The Ginsu brand marketed knives between 1978 and 1984. Typically a TV pitchman would demonstrate a Ginsu Knife cutting a nail and then slicing a tomato, never losing its edge. You can still buy the knives today online and in big-box retail stores like Target.

This weekend in our fall series, It’s Not Over, we’re rolling out segment #two in the series, how to keep a fresh, sharp perspective. Every day life has a way of dulling the senses, numbing us a bit, until we’re merely going through the motions. We can easily lose perspective; lose our spiritual edge and give up entirely on making the world a better place or ourselves a better person.

Pretty soon we may wonder whether real treasure can ever be found again? If this sounds like you some days this lesson promises to restart some forgotten dreams or create brand new ones. Even if our spiritual life has grown duller than a butter knife, IT’S NOT OVER! God has a miraculous way of sharpening our focus with myriads of new opportunities we haven’t even yet imagined. God can do anything.

So, who’s coming this weekend to Journey worship? Are you in? Are you ready to consider a new thing God may reveal for your life? Author, Bob Goff in Love Does writes, “I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now I know you simply need to say yes.”

Even if our faith is not ready for prime time; not yet sharp enough to “cut nails,” wouldn’t it be cool to discover a great God adventure again? Are you ready to say, “Yes, ” to God? Let’s do this. God can do anything.

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