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If you missed last weekend at Journey the Big Idea shared: “Spend your life wisely. How you spend your money. How you spend your time.” The truth is life goes really fast for all of us. Seeking more stuff can be a trap. Jesus teaches us to seek stuff that lasts forever. People matter most.

Journey is generous. But we want to continue growing radical generosity because Jesus does. Last weekend I asked the Journey audience to raise a hand if they were willing to re-up our commitment to supporting 6 kids in the world through Compassion International. I specifically asked for 12-15 people to commit $10 monthly with a regular gift for helping our kids (6) kids have food, shelter, education, and Jesus.

I emphasized I was looking for new gifts from the crowd. I didn’t want people taking away from other Journey gifts they already give. I was asking for new gifts in addition to anything we already give at Journey with Tide Jug or tithe. Once again I was wowed by Journey radical generosity. You guys rock.

When the hands were counted in the Saturday and Sunday audience (27) people said I’m in. New gift for global Journey kids, new level of generosity for the others; Wow. If you were not in the audience and feel God tugging you to help us support kids in (6) countries with a $10 monthly gift just sign on. If we had additional funds given, more than we need each month for our (6) kids, we’ll adopt new children with whatever you share. Say, wow!

As a reminder the way we need to track your gift is to designate $10 monthly on your regular Journey check for Compassion International. Or you can give cash in an envelope for Compassion on the front desk. You can give online every month, or turn it into an automatic monthly donation. Or even at the giving kiosk online for your convenience. Let me know if you have any questions how to make this work for you.

This weekend at Journey is part 3, It’s Not Over fall series. I am showing a video as a sermon starter that will grab your heart for sure. We’ll discuss Biblical ways to ensure we are leaving a legacy behind that really matters. See you this weekend and keep bringing those guests. We have new people signing up now for our next baptism service n November. Your invite helps people make their Jesus decision. Wow!

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