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People are people

We get a lot of walk-ins at Journey Church. We are located in a shopping strip mall area. It is a great location for people doing all kind of business. A guy recently stepped into the Journey office doorway looking for a referral for free dental care. He was unable to provide basic dental procedures and asked if our Medical Clinic provided any support? I gave him some assistance for a possible contact and he left feeling a little more encouraged.

As he left he told me he was local but most of his family lived elsewhere. He also explained how his family tree had splintered family groups early in the turn of the century. Family patriarchs chose sides, causing family members to begin spelling their last name differently from relatives they had long disagreements with.

People can fall out of favor with each other. We may distance ourselves from those we once shared life with. This happens a lot in families, between friends, nations, even in churches. This weekend is the wrap up of our fall series, It’s Not Over. Even if you have put off things, it’s not over. Learning to use your available time and money is possible; it’s not too late. Leaving behind the best version of you, this is still very doable, it’s not over.

This weekend we’ll cover some relevant Biblical directives for healthy relationships no matter what. Even the most challenging relationships can be improved when we invite God to show us how. Here’s the big idea for this final weekend: Relationships are possible. And you’re not impossible. People issues can leave us exhausted; but God brings us new hope.

Can I encourage you to invite a guest to join us at Journey in one of our weekend services? I don’t want to make this lesson and worship weekend sound like the cure all for whatever is most troubling in your life. But, this just may be the one-worship weekend you and people you know will need most as we enter the long winter months. This lesson is very practical and will help set the table for working on things together. Just saying.

And by the way, I am praying right now for that guy who came to our door needing dental care. His name was “Jim.” Will you say a prayer also for people with pain. Journey is the kind of place where people with every kind of pain often come to our door. I Love My Church. Just keep doing what Jesus would do. Keep saying what Jesus would say. Simple Church.

Go God.


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