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My attitude stinks

Have you ever had one of those periods in your life where everything seemed to go wrong? A couple days ago a guy told me, “I used to get mad at the little things which happen every day; now it doesn’t really matter as much.”

Stress from life events is accumulative and can pile up quickly like leaves in our yard each fall. Too much stress often affects our moods and overall mental, physical health. We may become chronically angry about disappointments or uncontrollably sad.

Where do you go, what do you do when needing an attitude adjustment? This weekend Journey is launching the next fall series, JOY, taken from Philippians in the Bible. God offers each of us a consistent JOY filled life, but it’s never automatic. Even after we begin to follow Jesus daily there are real life struggles and confusion that seem determined to weigh us down. This four-week series may be just what is needed when we feel stuck in our circumstances.

This weekend I will roll out episode one, “Joyful no matter what.” Why do so many people we know seem to linger for long periods of despair and sadness? This series may be the rediscovery or breakthrough of real JOY for you or someone else you could INVITE. Tell a friend or acquaintance Jesus is for everyone; let him or her know it’s never too late to start something new. As we often say at Journey, “God can do anything.”

Just be honest and transparent with people. I think they will respond in a positive way when you show you care and INVITE them to try a place like Journey. Let them know you haven’t figured everything out yet either; some days our attitudes are still pretty stinky.

Clarify following Jesus doesn’t exempt anyone from dealing with all the issues everyone else does – disappointments, uncertainty, and joy all rolled into one life. However, following Jesus helps us make a mental shift in how we view things that occur – discovering how Jesus would handle things is a shift to better process. This Jesus thing is not an easy thing – it does help us navigate away from all the negativity in our world today.

Excited to get this new series, JOY, going with you. Hope to see you and a GUEST in one of our services. And don’t forget about our annual FREE-PRE family event at the City Hall gym, Cynthiana for Halloween, October 31, 5-7pm. Lot’s of FREE stuff we share each year in our community. Check with Crystal Prather, team captain if you would like to help in any way.

Bobby D

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