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No line

Subway ran a customer promotion earlier this week; buy one get one free more or less. You did have to buy a 30 oz. drink also. Watching the line stack up when I arrived made me wonder how many sandwich servers quit at the end of the day. It was hectic and clearly the number of customers overwhelmed the workers trying to keep up with demand.

Another observation, several would be customers came to the door, saw the line and left. Something intended to make people smile and bring them back, a free meal, may have been counter productive for some. I think there is something to learn from the corporate experience as it relates to our own marketing of Church in the modern world.

From what research suggest some potential customers view the whole “God-business” today as inconvenience, not worth the wait. Everyone has such small margins with time, someone is trying to grab lunch in a hurry and the line is out the door. Many people I talk to seem very curious and even interested in learning and hearing more about God. Unfortunately, their busy lifestyle creates time limitations on their availability to learn more.

This weekend is part two from the series, JOY. If there is any wiggle room at all in your weekend schedule, will you give Journey a shot? I promise we’ll try to make you smile and feel better for coming inside. I know there are a ton of things that have to line up just right for you to make things happen on weekends. We are here for you; we’re in this together.

Here’s a verse to carry with you today and the rest of the week. “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Proverbs 17:22 NIV

Here’s my commitment to you for our Journey weekend service. I guarantee we’ll make you smile and there is not a line at the door. Heck, our donuts and coffee are free every week. What a place to meet a friend. I love my church. I think you and your guest will also. Bring a seat buddy. Looking forward to seeing you in one of our Journey services.


PS - Check out our Saturday at 6pm service if your Sunday is packed with family and sports.

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