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Maybe your College football team is like my College football team, desperate for a win as the season winds down. Bowl eligibility, post-season play, requires a minimum of six victories. Five hard fought wins is so close, but not enough in College football. My team needs to win this weekend.

Sports in general can often be such a cruel game of inches; winning and losing may come down to one single play in the final seconds. Religiously following a player or favorite team can be so disappointing after investing hours and hours during the season. It can all be over so quickly.

In some similar ways as sports, life occasionally leaves all of us feeling let down, disappointed and wondering what’s the use. Maybe you have been putting aside a little money each week from your paycheck for a much needed vacation? Suddenly without warning a major expense shows up and wipes out everything you had counted on for a later.

If your savings are wiped out constantly by emergency expenditures you may just give up, never having anything extra. For many people it seems they are never quite able to get ahead. It can make you begin to imagine your life stinks; things should be better than this?

This weekend Journey is sharing part three from our series, JOY. We are using the Bible to gain fresh insight from the church family meeting in Philippi. The Apostle Paul wrote Philippians to this very generous and above average congregation. His words in the Bible are still relevant today for everyone searching for meaning to life’s unexpected twists and turns.

If you’ve never, or not recently read this part of the Bible this would be a great series to check out. If you have missed the earlier lessons you might want to listen to the podcast on the Journey website. A lot of people do this; it might work for you also.

This week we’ll learn God is for us, not against us, even when it feels like our favorite team is always losing the close ones. Why not check things out? Bring a friend and help them get their own journey started. I promise it will be helpful and even fun. It is never boring.

If you’ve ever felt like giving up, it’s not over. Getting to know God is the best thing we can do; it’s a game changer. This could be the win you desperately need in your life this weekend. Invest a part of your weekend, schedule to come inside. Coffee and snacks waiting for you along with friendly smiles. Give God a chance to do something BIG again!


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