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Up or down

I follow a sports writer who does written commentary after each game describing which team and which player over/under performed. The opening paragraph of his sports column usually begins with the sentence, “WHO IS UP.” Then the writer summarizes a high level performance by individual players and teams. In contrast there is also a paragraph dedicated to “WHO IS DOWN.” Obviously this team and players performance is headed in the wrong direction.

This weekend is the final segment of our sermon series, JOY, taken from the letter in the Bible called Philippians. We finish by looking at inspired words from the Apostle Paul for an ancient church, but words still very relevant today. This message is perfect for our pre-Thanksgiving week of gathering with family and friends.

For some of us if we were writing a column about our personal life it might be we would choose to include our Thanksgiving plans as “Who is down.” Maybe you are scheduled to work when others are given time away. It is possible all your family lives in other locations and you’re not going to be together.

It would be very easy to slide into a despairing mindset during holidays when others are happy but you’re unable to find cheer. If that describes you or someone you know this final lesson may be just what is needed. I promise this message can help all of us feel more grateful at times.

Also, this weekend several people are making public decisions to be baptized; others are choosing to renew and rededicate their walk with God. If you have been thinking about making a decision for God let me know how to help. Give me a call and we will discuss your decision in more detail.

God is for you, not against you. He will guide you through a process of growing to better understand a personal relationship. Invite a friend or acquaintance who may also need a little affirmation this Thanksgiving week. God is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.

I promise you will walk away from our Journey weekend worship feeling like a THUMBS UP person again. God can do anything.


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