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Being a Family

Our days can be filled with a constant stream of activity. The hurried pace we often keep will make our heads spin. With so many moving pieces in constant motion, all sorts of crazy things can happen. We are just waiting for a collision of worlds, like two trains headed toward one another.

Author and humorist Mark Gungor writes, men’s brains and women’s brains are very different.

“Men’s brains are made up of little boxes, and we have a box for everything. We’ve got a box for the car, we’ve got a box for the money, and we’ve got a box for the job. We’ve got boxes everywhere, and the rule is: The boxes don’t touch!

Now women’s brains are very, very different from men’s brains. Women’s brains are made up of a big ball of wire, and everything is connected to everything!”

I hope you are smiling and found some humor in all that. The truth is we are in this together; our home life and our church life co-mingle and are crucial. Unfortunately, family life and church life are sometimes two of the most stressful events on our calendar. Why is that? Are we missing something?

This weekend I share a one-time lesson titled, “Family of Faith.” We will take a look at the early church in the Bible and how they also struggled at times to relate in a healthy way, just like every mom and dad family today. I will point out a few relevant thoughts on the crazy stuff that can happen to us all in a family.

I’m hoping you can join us and bring along some guests or friends who may be with you for Thanksgiving meals. This after Thanksgiving/post/pre bargain shopping lesson will better prepare all of us to enjoy the season.

I promise there are many practical tips that every family can use. Make an invite to someone you have planned to speak with, maybe for weeks and months. The holidays are a great time for people to make some room in their schedules and say yes.

Our Journey family wishes you Happy Thanksgiving around your table this year.

Bobby D

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