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When I was a kid, it was the waiting for Christmas morning to arrive that nearly did me in. Before the Internet and constant television commercials promoting Christmas shopping, big box stores like Sears mailed out colorful Christmas catalogues. I would rifle through every page dreaming of what spectacular gift might be under the tree this year. The excitement was almost more than a kid could endure.

Christmas Eve was the hardest. After weeks and months of anticipation I was so expectant of Christmas morning, sleep was slow to arrive. I heard every creak downstairs and outside. I could nearly imagine Santa arriving in the dark and opening his bag of toys for boys and girls like me.

Christmas and all its shared experiences dominated my little kid thoughts. Now, as an adult, I have learned to broaden my perspective of the Christmas season. Tis the season, to be jolly! Now I know why we are so jolly no matter what is under our tree. Jesus came into our world and His birth has changed our world forever.

This weekend we launch a four part series, “Journey Christmas 2015.” I want to encourage you to make a little room for this series in your December schedule. Christmas is a time we can discover or rediscover Good Cheer.

This very practical series may be the best medicine for all of us during a month of busy activity. When our life has been moving at a maddening pace the familiar Christmas story can bring it all back into clear perspective. This may be a chance for everyone to think some kid thoughts once again. I hope you plan to be here and bring a seat buddy to join us.

Let’s make Journey Christmas 2015 one to remember. If you’re like me, needing a miracle to get everything done most days, this series can bring us all a little Christmas Cheer. This first lesson will help us sharpen our focus at Christmas and clarify our priorities.

God can do anything. Jesus' birth is proof of that! See you this weekend in one of our Journey services.


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