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In Genesis chapter two in the Bible after God made the first man, named Adam, He then placed Adam in a perfect Garden called Eden. There were trees and fruit abundantly for Adam to eat from. Next, God created wild animals and birds of the sky. Verse 19 and 20 tell us God partnered with Adam and asked him to begin naming things.

What is it about a name? Can you imagine how long it would take to come up with new names for all the livestock, animals, and birds of the air? Soon after naming animals and birds, God creates the first woman and brings Adam his wife, Eve. It might have been nice if the woman had made an appearance before all the naming of stuff. Just saying.

This weekend is part two in our Journey Christmas 2015 series. Last weekend the big idea was about making some priorities at Christmas. We can do anything but we can’t do every thing. So, let’s be sure what’s number one at Christmas is really number one.

Part two of this series will help us understand how valued every single person is to God. God knows us by name and even has a favorite name for each of us. I hope you are planning to join us this weekend and bring a Journey guest. This lesson will be very practical and encouraging to everyone.

Maybe you have a favorite name for your spouse, children, friends or coworker? Famous people at times pick really crazy names for their children. I guess to distinguish them from other famous people. In any case names are chosen to demonstrate our special relationship to someone. Naming is also important in the Bible. I hope you are curious to hear more. Join us.

One thing about Christmas; it’s a great chance for us to better understand our relationship with God. You might be surprised how much He cares for you. Check things out this weekend in one of our Journey weekend services.

Now I wonder, how in the world did Adam ever come up with hippopotamus? That’s just funny.


P.S. - And don’t forget to make every day like Christmas. Look for an opportunity to show some kindness to someone. Merry Christmas.

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