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How would you do it?

I just spoke with a friend who is feeling a little down this week. Unless things change quickly not everyone in their small family is going to share Christmas day together this time. I can understand the tug on our hearts at Christmas when there is an empty plate at the table.

Two of our married children live in states out west and will not be with Connie and I in Kentucky. Sharing your children during holidays is difficult. Christmas can bring such a mixed bag of strong emotions for all of us. There are work and travel issues to consider. If someone has recently been ill, had surgery or a hospital stay they may not be having their best moments this year.

This weekend is our Christmas message at Journey in our 4 part Journey Christmas series. It is the perfect time for you, your family and friends to join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We will read the traditional Christmas passage in the Bible from Luke chapter two. This was always a family tradition at our house on Christmas morning before opening any presents.

One of the things I have been thinking about during this December and Christmas series, how can we make the Christmas message even more obvious for people who still don’t know? We say it all the time at Journey, “God is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.”

Christmas is not exclusive or beyond anyone. Christmas is for everybody. The problem of Christmas today for many of us is those crazy emotions at Christmas time. How would you explain Christmas to people who are lonely, hurting, and unsure of their future? How would you help someone who had never fully understood what Christmas was about?

Isaiah prophesied Jesus the Savior would be born a baby in a manger; He would be named. “Immanuel.” His personal name would be Jesus. However, a name, which describes His nature and character, Isaiah said, Jesus would be called, “Immanuel.”

“Immanuel” literally means God is with us.

Don’t stay home or away from a worship service this weekend if you are wondering how you should feel this year. Join us at Journey or another church family and let God restore His love for you at Christmas.

You are not alone. God is with YOU!

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