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Final Hours

My phone and laptop keep blowing up with last minute messages from retailers of all kinds wanting to offer last minute deals. There really is something about finding a bargain at the last minute.

This weekend is the fourth and final part from our series, Journey Christmas 2015. This weekend the day after Christmas we’ll wrap this series up by sharing some FINAL THOUGHTS.

Week 1 was all about making God #1 every day. When we do that it is truly like Christmas every day. Week 2 was designed to encourage each of us when the world treats us like a number. We’re never just a number to God; God loves us. He names us His beloved. Last weekend before Christmas the story was all about the baby. God decided the best way to save us was to come to earth and become one of us.

As you gather with your family and friends tonight on Christmas Eve and tomorrow on Christmas Day let the thoughts about baby Jesus guide your celebration. Jesus born in Bethlehem changed everything in the world forever. It really is the best bargain of your entire life anyone could ever imagine.

You may even want to read the Bible passage in Luke chapter two as you gather for gifts and food. Let someone shine the real meaning of Christmas for everyone who is gathered.

If you are in town this weekend after Christmas I want to invite you to join us at Journey. I have one last lesson from this series. I will share a few thoughts concerning a review of our life this year. What are the thoughts that matter most as we flip the calendar to a brand new year of opportunity? If you have guests in town, I am sure they will be blessed to share in this final weekend of worship 2015.

Let me share once again my warmest regards and wishes for you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

God is so good. Jesus lives today. Thank you for sharing Jesus with others.


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