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Most everyone agrees, people need a job, want a job in order to enjoy their life. We write stories about it and make movies about. Everyone in the world is in the pursuit of happiness. How to identify what that looks like, how to achieve that depends in great measure upon the culture a person lives in.

Living in a third world country hardly is able to offer the same employment opportunities as a nation with a strong economy. Not all things are equal in the world, obviously. “If we make $30,000 annual income we’re already more wealthy than 96% of the people in the world.” As Andy Stanley says, “We’re already rich; we’re just not very good at being rich.”

Can I tell you a story? For the last couple of years I have noticed a gentleman every morning as I drive to the office. He lives in an assisted living home and walks all over town. I assume he has some type of handicap or hardship. He appears healthy and warmly dressed.

Again, I make an assumption; it appears he has a job or attends classes or is a volunteer. Every morning he is in the parking lot where he lives waiting for a ride. I have passed him every morning and wondered to myself what he does the rest of the day. He is standing alone in the parking lot. There are not other residents who also share in his experience.

Whatever he does and wherever he goes, this much I know, he is dedicated. Come rain or snow he is always standing there each morning waiting, waiting for whatever happens next. He has a commitment and a habit of being in that parking lot so consistent a person could set their watch by him.

That guy shows up and is in position each day.

This weekend is the end of a year and the start of a new one. It is the time when all of us begin thinking about starting new and better habits in life. At Journey we launch a new four-week series, Small things, BIG difference. I have chosen this topic strategically as everyone celebrates a fresh start and clean slate.

Would you do me a favor? Consider giving this entire series your attention. Decide now, not later, to start a new habit of making it through a series like this from start to finish. God may use this series to help set your course for the entire year.

There really is something to say about starting good habits. People will notice.

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