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We Know

Very early in life we all realize there is something seriously wrong with us. We begin to look for ways to cut corners and do things our way. Parents can remember the moment they discovered their child was not an angel. It is part of the human experience discovering freedom of will. It’s both exciting and also challenging to control.

This weekend at Journey worship, is part three of our winter series, Small things BIG difference. We are discovering how thoughts, words, and habits shape our direction for 2016. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions we are picking ONE word as our theme for the entire year. We will begin posting your ONE word and your ONE verse next week. This will help all of us accomplish more in 2016.

When someone asks next December, “What’s different about you this year? What’s your secret?” We can reply, “It’s not really anything big but it was God directing me and guiding me. I just figured out I would be faithful in the small things this year.” When we focus on small things God often blesses us with even larger opportunities.

If you haven’t picked your ONE word for 2016 do it now, not later. It will guide your thoughts and thinking all year long. This weekend we’ll share a couple ideas how we can change the words we speak. If you want to change your life it begins by changing our words.

Our words can get the best of us. Sometimes we need to change things up. We know, just like when we were small children when things are not right, when we’re underperforming. There is an awareness something needs to change for the better in our behavior, words, and actions.

No matter how many times you got in trouble in grade school or the reputation you developed in middle school, it is not over. Grace wins. God is for you and not against you. At Journey we often, “we are in this together.” We really mean that and would like to help new people understand that God is for them also.

Our 2016 weather has been bizarrio to say the least. Our temperatures are up and down all over the thermometer. Join us this weekend for part three. Make your plans now to join us for this weekend. I’ll share a few practical ideas from Jesus for weatherproofing our words 2016.

MY word for 2016 BIG!


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