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The winter weather is the big news where I live this week. Frigid artic air ushered in single digit temperature. Now, this morning snow arrived and school has been dismissed across the state. More snow is in the forecast for late Friday and early Saturday. Winter weather will be the big story on the evening news all week long.

This weekend is part four of our January series, Small things, BIG difference. This has been a practical and relevant series. Instead of choosing New Year Resolutions that are hard to keep, we decided to invite everyone to choose ONE word and one verse as their personal theme for the entire year. This weekend we will help you record your theme word and theme verse for 2016. We’ll have Journey volunteers in place to get your ONE word on a card and then posted on a tall cube of sorts that reminds us throughout 2016.

Maybe you’re reading this blog and would like to do the same, it’s easy. Just pray about ONE word you feel God is leading you personally to focus on for the entire year. At end of 2016 someone may walk up to you and ask, “Say what is different about you this year? What’s your secret?” And you can say, “It’s not really a secret. I just decided to let God help me in the small things in my life. It’s the small things that make a BIG difference.”

Before I left the house this morning I had to shovel my driveway clear of the freshly fallen snow. It was the light and fluffy kind of snow that piles up quickly. It wasn’t a blizzard by any means but it was enough snow to have school cancelled. With the forecast for the remainder of the week including more snow, it is doubtful there will be any more school this week. One little dry fluffy snowflake is a small thing but over a few hours it has a BIG impact.

My theme word for 2016 is BIG. My theme verse is Mark 4:32. It is Jesus parable of the Mustard Seed. He is explaining to His followers the mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds. When planted though, it may grow big enough for birds to rest in its branches.

I am going to think BIG thoughts this year. It is my theme for the whole year. What’s yours? I hope you will join us this weekend in one of our services. We’ll consider how our thoughts and words create our habits. It’s often the small things that no one sees that results in the BIG things everyone wants. We’ll share some practical suggestions for finding the best habits in 2016.

Oh, yeah, I got a dandy new snow shovel this year. I’m ready for you “Mr. Winter.” Going BIG!

Bobby D.

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