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Don't Laugh

Who knew? Connie and I have different TV programing taste. I usually rifle through the channels looking for sports and news while she searches for movies and reality shows. I am going to give away a secret. Her two favorite programs are Family Feud and America’s Funniest Home videos.

Connie enjoys entertainment and humor while I prefer challenge and competition. Neither are wrong, just different preferences. What are your tastes when reading the Bible? Do you look for the human-interest stories flavored with humor? Or the stories that show challenge and impossible odds to overcome. Maybe it is both.

I have always considered Jesus interaction with Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) the wee little man up a tree, an amazing and funny moment. Later when Peter walks on the water (Matthew 14:22-33) it is hard to imagine how he did that.

At Journey we are all the time saying, God can do anything. We really do mean this and believe this completely at Journey. This morning I was reading Genesis 18:13-14. It’s the passage where an angel informs one hundred year old Abraham and ninety year old Sarah (Genesis 17-18) they are going to be parents. Sarah later overhears this announcement, but laughs to herself; like Abraham had earlier at the possibility of having a child. You can read all this for yourself; just as the angel announced, it came true.

Whenever God is talking about anything in the Bible, we should never laugh.

This weekend is part two in our 2016 series, Small things, BIG difference. We are looking at thoughts, words, and habits that make a difference. Last weekend everyone was invited to choose ONE word as your theme for the entire year. Making things smaller in size help us accomplish more. I hope you have landed upon your ONE word for 2016.

This week we’ll imagine together how just ONE thought could change everything for us. It’s the small things that no one sees that results in the BIG things everyone wants. How do you change the way you think? Let’s take a look at that this weekend. It may be the best investment of your time this week.

Hope to see you in the Journey services. Either Saturday at 6pm or Sunday at 10:30am. You may be one thought away from having your life totally and completely changed for the better.

Don’t laugh.

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