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All of us recognize the importance of good communication every day. We listen to other people sharing vital information at work or school. We come home and give out more valuable information to the people we care most about. Yet, something is often missing. Do you know what I mean?

Today we live in the information age with more available information than ever in the history of the world. It’s instant updated information right at our fingertips. Yet, there is often less personal, intimate, heart felt conversation taking place. Instead we depend upon electronic messages or leave a note on the table as we rush for the door. It takes more time to have face-to-face communication and more time is hard to come by for most of us.

This weekend is part two in our series, THINGS JESUS SAID, which might surprise you! Can we talk for just a second? This weekend I am going to share another message with Jesus red-letter words. Here’s the sermon in a sentence: Jesus expects each of us to be a missionary. I don’t mean in the technical sense you get on a plane or drive somewhere far away to work with lost people.

This weekend I will suggest that every Jesus follower is instructed to be a missionary, every day, right where we live, work, and breath. So why don’t more people jump on board with Jesus and this specific directive? Because being a missionary is a time-stealer and it will interfere with your normal life. It is hard to do. Did I say it is hard to do?

I’m hoping you’re not deciding right now to be absent this weekend at Journey worship because I have a hard-to-do lesson? The one word this weekend is GENEROSITY. That word refers not only to our treasure (giving our resources), but also our time and talent. I say it all the time: “No one can be world class at anything by dabbling.” Journey cannot be world class in our community, and none of us can be world class Jesus followers, if we choose to dabble at being missionaries. I’m just saying.

I urge you to give Jesus some of your focused attention this weekend. I am aware of how difficult it is to juggle schedules. I make this promise though, our time will be relevant and helpful to improving your communication with people you meet every day.

Thanks for letting me have this talk with you today.


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