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I hate to be wrong

I knew for sure my team was going to win this game. Then for various reasons someone underperformed and my team was upset. I just hate to be wrong about something, don’t you? Pollsters pride themselves on predicting the winning candidate but the polls can be wrong. It’s not over until the last vote is counted as they say.

When it comes to discerning a person’s intention, I feel like I am a pretty good judge of character. Probably most of us can smell a rat a mile away, we just know. What sometimes happens though, we misjudge based on first impressions. When a person is not from around here or dresses, speaks a little differently we are naturally initially suspicious. I guess you might say, it is just human nature.

Choosing friends today on the Internet can lead to disaster. Everyone warns us not to give out personal information. Better safe than sorry. Tilting to the side of caution is wise but it can also create mistakes in judging others too quickly. I used to think I was giving everyone a fair shake. I now know I have sometimes been wrong about people. How about you?

This weekend is part three in our series, THINGS JESUS SAID… which might surprise you! The religious insiders during Jesus day were proud of their elite attitudes toward outsiders. Often they were spot on in identifying unholy behavior in others. But frequently they overlooked their own faults. Jesus called them out for this exclusive attitude; He labeled them hypocritical. It was not a compliment; they hated being wrong also.

Everyone has an ugly moment or two in life. Our past does not define us; Jesus does. It’s not over. It’s what we do after a mistake that matters. We can be forgiven and shown mercy. When someone gets a do-over from Jesus we should never make it harder.

Have you ever been shown mercy? Are you a person who is merciful? Why, or why not? Jesus would. “To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable in others because Christ has forgiven the inexcusable in us.” C.S. Lewis

I hate to be wrong about people, don’t you? Join us this weekend for Journey worship. Help us celebrate Jesus baptism decisions by several families. Be in the crowd and root them on to this newfound mercy. Do it with some passion; like a person who has tasted mercy.

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