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Getting better

Golf is not a game I play often. Not in Kentucky where winter lingers longer than I enjoy. I don’t watch the major golf events very often. Now and then, I do find myself drawn to the game. That little ball is in charge of really talented people who practice and practice and practice. Still, they can’t seem to make it do the right thing.

Life in general has a way of treating us like a golf ball. Just when we think we’ve mastered our swing the ball ends up in the rough, sand trap, or water hazard. When things are really going bad for a few holes, we end up in all three places a golfer never wants to be. Life can be like that for periods or seasons.

This weekend we wrap up the series, THINGS JESUS SAID… which might surprise you! For the last four weekends we’ve considered four topics in Jesus' message found in Matthew 5-7. I’ve attempted to make things very simple, clear and precise. Jesus, in this message is coaching all of us, wanting to help elevate our impact in the world.

Jesus is something like a golf coach. It’s not about being perfect; no one can. However, Jesus wants us to be making progress. So, how are you doing this week? Clearly not every shot goes in the hole. But what really matters, can you recognize you are getting better at most things in life?

There are four areas of life that are on Jesus radar in the text: HOPE, GENEROSITY, MERCY, and COMPASSION. This weekend we’ll wrap up the series by looking at what Jesus has to say about being more compassionate. This will be another very practical coaching lesson from Jesus words that make the game of life better for all of us. Are you in?

People crave unfiltered love. When we love people with no agenda, no political ambition, no personal recognition demanded, our game improves. Loving people like Jesus loves people is the game changer. 2016 is running away from us already very quickly. Don’t put this off any longer. Make plans to join us this weekend in one of our Journey services. Saturday @6pm or Sunday @10:30am.

Bring a guest and help them learn a few things from Jesus helpful words. He coaches all of us, no matter. Here’s a promise. If you’ll give God a chance and be regular, consistent in weekly worship times, like taking weekly golf lessons, I promise you’ll begin to notice some progress in the game of life.

Getting better… 2016

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