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I was never good enough to play organized sports. I could only dream of playing basketball in high school. There were only a few slots available on the team at the school I attended. Unless you were bigger than your age group or more talented than your peers, the only team you were going to play with were fun teams from the neighborhood or farm.

I don’t really know if I just kind of got over it or what. But eventually, I guess I just accepted this was the fate of being a small, skinny farm kid. Funny thing happened though after college, marriage and middle age. I began playing YMCA basketball with other guys, some much younger; they actually told me I was pretty good for a scrub player and older guy. I was inspired by these younger guys and played pick-up basketball for about ten years.

There are many people who long ago gave up being good enough. It might have been a dream to go to college but we gave up. Maybe we imagined we could start our own business and work for ourselves but it never happened. Dreams can die for lack of inspiration. Over time, we may accept that we’ll never have what it takes to make our dreams come true.

This weekend launches a new four week series, Things I used to think! Each week we’ll take a look at a Bible truth, which gets twisted by our enemy, Satan, quite often it seems. His mission is to discourage each of us from ever pleasing God or anyone. Read John 10:10 before the weekend. Many of us have been convinced: We aren’t good enough!

If you’ve ever felt like defective merchandise that had to be returned to the store, this series is for you. Give God a chance to help reconfigure your life plan that may have been put on hold. God is for you and not against you. God is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody. Inspire someone with just a few words.

Sometimes those who have settled for an average, mediocre life are those who come to church but just go through the motions. Nothing really changes and it just seems this is the life you get. If you are looking for a little personal motivation, join us and bring a guest for this entire four-week series.

God can do anything. It’s not over.


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