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Pick a Fight

What is on your short list of things that really matter, today? If you can answer that question, I have another one. Are the things on your list the same things that are on Jesus’ list? I think most of us would support the notion that our world offers options. Most of us would even agree that we can do anything, but that no one can do everything. It is hard to choose between 'this' and 'that', don’t you think?

Justice, mercy and kindness are a few of things on Jesus' short list, which matter. At Journey, we repeat often: People matter most. In living this out in our daily life it is a given, someone may feel overlooked. Jesus didn’t pick a color or a language group. Instead He said, all lives matter (John 3:16). We try to practice that same principle but we’re not perfect; mistakes can be made.

If that ever happens to you the best thing to do is apologize for unintended mistakes and move on to the next game. I am glad Jesus says it is not over. Things are never hopeless and God can do anything. Life is a long process of trial and error. We’re all in this thing together. Push back the doubts and ask God to restore your confidence when you feel you’ve let the team down. Life is a long season and it’s not over.

Maybe that paragraph above sets you up to think about the outline for this weekend. It’s just impossible to get along with some people. Do you know what I mean? This weekend is part two in our series "Things I used to think". You can’t please everyone!

A key thought for this weekend lesson at Journey: You don’t have to please everyone. But you can please God!

Sometimes it is unavoidable. There are some things worth fighting for, and it may not go well with someone else. We have to get some skin in the game and do something, because Jesus would. It’s not an easy thing, but is the thing Jesus said to do.

In the Bible, it seems Jesus was constantly urging His followers to make choices. In doing so, these decisions often alienated His followers from others. Even if these choices infuriated family and friends, Jesus told His followers some things are worth picking a fight.

If this topic seems helpful to you, it may be helpful to a friend. Let someone know you are planning to be at Journey worship. Meet them at the door and guide them through their own Journey experience. Put this on your short list today.

Jesus would.

Our world is saturated with worthy causes to support. It is not difficult to identify.

Bobby D

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