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Just give me one

There is a funny TV commercial for Progressive Insurance; maybe you’ve seen it? A juggler is seen tossing chain saws into the air and catching them for an audience in a city park. The intended point of the commercial is to say, without saying it, "if you buy your insurance from Progressive Insurance, your personal confidence increases".

A very confident man from the crowd walks up to the juggler and says, ‘I got this, give me one, give me one.” The scene changes and the man’s wife is seen in a Progressive Insurance store asking, “Is this the thing you gave my husband, the ‘Name Your Price’ tool?” Flo says, “Yes, be careful though, that kind of power can go to your head.” And then the wife says, “That explains a lot.” You can find this humorous short 30-second clip on YouTube. Or watch it below.

This weekend at Journey worship weekend is part 3 in our series, Things I used to think. We’re going to do our best to make this interesting and helpful. I don’t have all the answers for sure. I do have a few thoughts you may consider and even use in your life every day. I am honored when you arrive giving me a chance to speak into your life for a few minutes. I do not take this God-privilege for granted.

If you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, this lesson is going to be especially helpful to you. I am going to share Biblical insights for when YOU no longer feel you can handle it all… at home, work, or just life in general. I am praying that God will use our time together maybe to stabilize and steady your life in areas you feel shaky and uncertain. God can do anything.

If you have a friend or acquaintance who is showing signs of stress, this lesson might be just what they need to boost their confidence. INVITE them to join you at Journey worship in one of our weekend services. Show them around. We’re in this together.

I am praying God’s message is so clear and relevant for all of us that something is going to change. God can do anything.


P.S - Don’t forget Easter in two weeks. INVITE cards handed out this week. WHO might you bring?

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