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Didn't see that coming

I was recently talking with one of my childhood friends. We reminisced about playing ball and running through the neighborhood for a couple of our elementary school years. It’s now been fifty plus years since we were kids in the dirt. I asked politely about his parents who have passed on. We exchanged brief memories of school and former neighbors.

For a brief period in my childhood we saw each other every week, but our lives went in totally different directions after that. It was kind of fun to speak to someone who shares part of my early history. It had been quite some time since I reviewed some of those events. Back then I had no idea things were going to turn out like they have? How about you?

This weekend at Journey worship we’ll wrap up the current series, I Used To Think. I’ve really enjoyed spending time talking with you about questions in life everyone faces. Week 1 - the tag line, You aren’t good enough, Week 2 – You can’t please everyone, Week 3 – You can’t handle it, and Week 4, we finish with – You can’t control the future.

As it turns out all of us can relate when Jesus reshapes our thinking and removes our guilt and pressure to be perfect. There are many areas in life that we’re still working on; Just be honest. As we like to say at Journey, It’s OK to not be OK. Can I ask you a favor? Will you give a second and consider making this last lesson in the series a priority? I really think it can be helpful.

If you have ever been tempted to just give up and throw in the towel on your future, just hang on. There is hope and help for all of us. God cares. He will pursue you forever because He truly loves you. I would love to share this lesson with you this weekend if you can make it work out. If you know someone discouraged this would be a great lift for him or her also.

Hoping to see you in one of our Journey services.

God can do anything. It’s not over. Sometimes the phone does ring.


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