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I'm Second

Whatever happened to manners? Who can still remember when people said, “thank you, or “no, thank you” or “yes sir, yes ma’am?” It was not that long ago where a common courtesy was to be polite and open doors for older people. I realize manners can be way over done and rigid. But it isn’t all bad either. As we say at Journey, a lot, it’s nice to be nice. Manners are kind of the same idea.

We don’t need to wear a suit to the dinner table; casual dress is fine with me. But I still like to wait for everybody to say a short prayer and begin eating together at the same time, like a family. Table manners are not in the Bible and manners are not going to get you to heaven. Still, offering your seat to someone who is standing or picking up a napkin for someone who dropped it can be a nice gesture of friendliness.

Hey, I’m just saying we’ve lost some of the polish from how we used to treat each other in our everyday life. It may not be a deal breaker with Jesus, but I think He must frown sometimes, the way we speak and act around each other.

This weekend is part two in the Easter series, Downside Up. If you were a first time guest, returning guest or a regular now in our Journey crowd thank you for joining in, like family, for our Easter worship. This is the kind of church where you can belong. We’re always honored to have you and hope you can return again soon.

Wow, what a service and worship gathering. We pulled out every chair in the building as people just kept coming inside. It was a lot of fun and you helped make it very special. Easter changes everything.

If you weren’t able to be with us last weekend for Easter, just dive in this week and get started. I really think you’ll enjoy the next lesson in this series. It is titled First is Last. From God’s viewpoint, the first shall be last, and the last will be first. Now, that’s really different in our modern world. Jesus flips things around and helps us gain a new perspective. I hope you can come and check this series out.

If you had planned to INVITE a guest it is never too late. I promise this is a very relevant and helpful outline we’ll explore together. It seems something like having manners, and saying, “Hey, I’m second.” Give it a try.

Wouldn’t it be weird if we ran out of chairs again? It could happen. God can do anything.


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