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Losing your Marbles

Who hasn’t misplaced their keys and later found them in their pocket? Or maybe searched the house over for your glasses only to discover them on your head? Probably many of us have said or felt like we’re losing our mind during a particularly hectic moment.

I recently ran across an old story I had used in a sermon a long time ago. It still rings very true today. It turns out that all of us really are losing our marbles in a different kind of way. Here’s how the story was shared with me:

He was fifty-five years old, and had a bowl full of marbles, and felt terrific. It was unknown territory for Bill, who for years had been unhappy with his life and didn’t see any hope for a brighter future. Today he is a changed man. It doesn’t matter what happens to him, Bill responds to it calmly and smiles. Nothing seems to get to him, and everything makes him feel good about his life and his future.

What made Bill such a different person was discovering a little trick with counting marbles. On a sunny, Saturday afternoon He was given a jar of marbles. Each marble represented another Saturday Bill had to live. On average, people live to be seventy-five years old. Some longer, some shorter, but the average person reaches this age. Realizing this Bill did some calculations to figure out that the average person has 3,900 Saturdays in his or her lifetime.

Being fifty-five, Bill had 1,000 Saturdays left to live. He looked at the bowl of marbles every day to be reminded. As each Saturday passed, he would take one marble out of the bowl and throw it away. As the contents shrank, Bill began to realize he didn’t have forever to discover a happier life. Bill began to change the way he looked at every day of his life. Bill said, “Life is too short and there is a limited amount of time to make the most of it.”

Finding the right perspective in life can be like magic, it changes everything. This weekend is part three in our series, DOWNSIDE UP. We are discovering that God’s perspective is very different from our own. Jesus taught that we should GIVE to RECEIVE. It’s another teaching from Jesus that at first glance appears backwards, upside down.

Knowing we’ve all been given a limited number of days on earth, Jesus words can inspire anyone to use each day wisely. I hope you’re planning to join us this weekend in Journey worship and bring a guest. It may be the best thing that will happen all week. If you’ve ever felt like you’re losing your marbles, this lesson may be just what the doctor ordered.


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