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Word of Mouth

Who are you going to vote for in the fall Presidential election? Have you made your choice? Whoever your candidate is, I am certain you’re not lacking information. Political campaigns have become a constant daily barrage in every form of modern media. At some level there is the danger of voters just turning off everything related to politics? We can lose our appetite for the same menu over and over.

I think something is happening today in our modern world of endless information where people are choosing to turn things off. I can hardly stand to watch TV commercials. I drive Connie crazy but I’ll surf channels or mute the sound to avoid listening to another paid actor try selling me something I don’t really want or need.

Many young adults today no longer subscribe or watch cable TV. Instead they avoid the endless advertising by recording their favorite programs to watch at their leisure. They choose to bypass the clutter they’re not interested in hearing. It has become something like selective hearing, I guess you might say.

This weekend our Journey worship series, Downside Up, continues. Part four relates to Jesus words of full surrender for every follower. It’s not an easy topic to discuss today. Many people try to keep their options open, reluctant to go "all in" with any sort of long-term commitment. Our weekends get way over booked and we fear adding anything, even something good.

This brings me to my ASK for the day. Will you help me share an invite for our Journey weekend? The best marketing in the world cannot replace the personal word of mouth from a friend. If we’ve found a restaurant that is out of this world with service, price and food preparation we have to share it with a friend.

Churches everywhere market their services, over and over, each weekend. It can be helpful and relevant information but still ineffective for many. People have lost their appetite for church on weekends. Whether advertising politics, merchandise or Jesus as your best friend, the most effective method to share your passion with people is word of mouth.

I am asking everyone reading this today if you will partner with us. If God is doing or has done something good in your life would you consider sharing your excitement with other people? Maybe you can guide them to a church experience where God does amazing things.

Just tell somebody, as if the circus was coming to your town!

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