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Randy and I have been in Orlando three days this week at Exponential Conference with other church planters from all over the world. One man sitting in front of me yesterday was from Paris, France. There are big churches, small churches, and churches who are still preparing their launch. It’s one of the largest gatherings of people like us at Journey.

Clearly, Florida is a nice place for a conference to be held. We’ve been staying in a hotel across the street from the Universal Theme Park. Tourists and families on vacation fill our hotel lobby every morning at breakfast. Tomorrow the event closes, and we’ll fly back to Kentucky for the end of a busy week and weekend at Journey.

It is hard to leave a place where fun and relaxation are everywhere. It just seems sunsets last longer in places like this, don’t they? I hope you get a chance to block some time for scheduled relaxation soon. It is cliché - but true none-the-less; no one wishes they had worked more at the end of their life. We should not forget how to play more.

Randy and I have spent most of our hours in classes with daily instruction and main sessions with inspiring worship. It is not exactly like a vacation, but we are returning better for having made room in our busy lives for this trip. Our minds are filled with inspiration and ideas that will be applied in various ways at Journey. We’ll do our best to soak it all in, and then share some of this with you.

This weekend is the launch of a new series, The Bucket List. I am preparing myself even while traveling, for ways to communicate most effectively with you, this relevant and helpful lesson. By the way, what’s on your Bucket List? Maybe it’s a trip this summer to Florida and Disney Land. I’ll begin the discussion this weekend, but I would like to hear what’s on your list.

Hey, if you have put together a list already send me a text or email, and I’ll mention some of the items you are dreaming of doing in my notes. It might be fun; it could be the push you needed to try something really fun this year. What if we didn’t get in such a hurry to get home to business as usual? What if instead, we chose to stay more and play more? Why not?

If you have been planning to INVITE a friend to a series, which might really help someone, this could be it. Hope to see you and a friend on the weekend. Just be sure and explain Randy and I are the guys with the Mickey Mouse ears.


God is good!

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