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Are you a Do It Yourself type of person? A lot of people are. We live in a culture of DIY solutions to our problems. There is an abundance (45,000 books but who counts books anyway?) of self-help books and reality TV shows which promote -“You are the answer to your problems.”

I can see plenty of upside with our pursuit of making things work better for our-selves. I wish I were one of those "fix-it" people who can repair things; I’m not. If you are gifted, and repairs come natural for you, can I offer a little warning? If you’re really good at figuring things out, just don’t over-do-it. Leave some room for what ONLY God is able to do.

There are a host of problems that occur when we omit God from the daily mix we call life each day. There is something fundamentally broken in each of us that only God can fix and repair. The Bible calls this the sin choices we make of our free will. The Bible makes it clear that this can become a real problem for us. If I rely on me, and me ONLY, I’ll always struggle with the same problems and never become the best version of myself that I can to be.

This weekend we’re sharing part 3 in our series, The Bucket List. We’re taking a look at a few words Jesus shared with people who wanted to truly get well and whole again. Jesus offers us answers for overcoming chronic lifelong struggles and addictions.

Jesus adds a twist to the modern idea of DIY and offers us a better idea: DIWG – DO IT WITH GOD.

I want to give you another shout out for everything you guys at Journey are doing to INVITE people to check out their own Journey. If you are a regular volunteer thank you for making everything possible to provide a memorable God experience for new people arriving at weekend worship. When our bathrooms sparkle, floors shine and classrooms are ready for kids its because of volunteers each week. You guys rock.

See you in one of our services, Saturday@6pm or Sunday@10:30am. Thank you again for being generous to God with your giving resources (Our giving continues to trend upward for several weeks) and generous to others. (We give stuff away constantly). You are making a difference in our community.

Small things make a BIG difference.

Bobby D

Go Big… go God… go Journey

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