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Your Best Version

I love this time of year on the calendar. For one thing weather forecast are on the uptick and colder temps are becoming less frequent. As I say that our Kentucky weather is rainy and below average all week of course. Cross your fingers for some welcome sunshine tomorrow.

This is also the time of Year College and High School graduations bring family and friends together for celebrations. It’s exciting to share the completion of years and years of study. I was just in Dallas for graduation ceremonies at Dallas Christian College where I continue to serve as a board trustee. It was so much fun to hear passionate dreams of amazing young adults becoming people of influence to influence the world.

Generally this is the time of year when most people are expecting the best version of life to make a reappearance after a long winter. Can I be bold and suggest weather and graduations will never be enough? We’ll never become the best versions of ourselves possible without including God in our plans also.

Maybe you need to discover or rediscover a new passion and new relationship with God. Sometimes busy life has distracted our schedules and the trail has grown colder with time in our pursuit of God.

This weekend at Journey worship we share part 4 in our series, The Bucket List. We are planning to celebrate public baptisms in our Sunday worship. If you have never made this personal decision and commitment to Baptism by immersion as the Bible describes maybe this is your moment to step out in faith, trusting God even more.

Maybe this is the perfect moment on your Bucket List to get things right with God fully and completely; doing what everyone else did in the Bible when they had faith in Jesus. This could be the start of something BIG; and your BEST version ever. Just let me know if you have any questions about the weekend and how to make a baptism decision.

See you in the Journey crowd. Bring a new guest or returning guest to either the Saturday @6pm or Sunday @10:30am service. Thanks ahead of time for continuing to give generously and regularly of your resources to help us with our 2016 budgeted expenses. If you are a regular volunteer doing things that help us sparkle for guests who arrive and return thank you for your investment in people.

You Journey volunteers are the best.


P.S. – I hear the sun may shine for part of the weekend. I’ll take it!

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